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"I absolutely love this cap. I have had this cap for almost 3 months and it has held up very well and still going strong. I love the fact that I do not have to keep moisturizing my hair every single day. It helps me save on my products."

Katrina- Cincinnati, OH

"I had thinning edges on both sides of my hair and in the nape area from wearing wig caps. I thought I was  protecting my hair by wearing wigs but didn't know I was still causing damage with wig caps. When I found the Swig Cap online I was skeptical. But now I have seen a vast improvement to my temple and nape areas. My hair is growing back. I wish I would have known about this early on. The Swig Cap rocks."

Michelle- Houston, TX

"Usually throughout the day I would have to goto the bathroom to adjust my wig because my wig cap has either slid up to the crown of my head from the back or sometimes the entire wig cap would slide to the center crown of my head altogether.  I hated it.  Now that I have been wearing the SwigCap I don't have that problem anymore. This thing stays put all day. I also want to add the fact that it is comfortable, lightweight, and doesn't even feel that I have a wig cap on."

Brittany - Atlanta, GA

''m currently transitioning from relaxed to natural and I wear wigs for protective styling during this phase in my life. Natural hair need moisture. I never thought that wigs caps were damaging but once I took upon myself to do my own research I realized that I wasn't doing my tresses any good to protect my hair if I was capping it down daily with synthetic fibers. That's like wearing a cotton or fleece scarf which is a no-no. Thank you for informing many women who do not know the disadvantages of regular wig caps.'"

Neacy - Chicago, IL

"This is a major improvement for wig caps. I recently learned how silk head wraps play a major part with proper hair care. My stylist recommended its better to go with silk because it is natural and satin is artificial which many times is blended with polyester or nylon fibers.  I use the SwigCap as a wig cap and my night cap. Kudos to SwigCap!"

Natasha - Birmingham, AL


Lisa - Greenville,