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The idea to create the SwigCap was birthed out of my personal experiences. For many years I wore my hair in protective styles such as wigs, half wigs, and other hair pieces. I noticed over time while wearing regular wig caps, which are found in most beauty supply stores today, my hair tended to thin out around the edges and break off my hair in the nape area. This led me to do extensive research on proper hair care.

I learned that the cheap wig caps sold on the market today are comprised of one or more of the following materials: Cotton, Nylon, or Polyester. These materials cause excessive dryness to the hair leading to hair breakage.

I knew wig wearers needed a better, more healthier alternative. That is why I developed the SwigCap. It is the first wig cap on the market today made out of pure silk material. Silk will allow your hair's protective oils to remain intact. It will prevent breakage due to dryness and keep your hair smooth in order to prolong your hairstyle.

Since I began wearing my SwigCap I have noticed a vast improvement in my own hair. My edges and nape area have grown back, as well as, my hair retains moisture after I remove my hair piece on a daily basis. I no longer have to remoisturize every morning.  I wanted to give all wig wearers a better solution to protective styling. That's why the SwigCap was created!


Erica Hunter - Scott

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